Blushcon 2018

JANUARY 13 & 14, 2018
The Fairplex | Los Angeles

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About Us

Blushcon is a LA based celebration of all things youth and beauty taking place on January 13th and 14th 2018, Sat & Sun 10am-7pm.

Featuring the best cosmetics brands from the United States, Asia and beyond.
Beauty fanatics will get a chance to meet their favorite beauty influencers and brands at this event for all things makeup.

Blushcon takes place at the Asian American Expo.


AGE 20's

Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetic



The Better Skin Co.



Create Ion

DefineMe Fragrance

Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Jart

The Gypsy Shrine

Hoyu-America Co.




J.Cat Beauty



Melanie Mills Hollywood


NYR Organic



Skin Gym

Sweet Sparkle



wet n wild

Meet & Greets

Saturday | January 13

10:00 PM

Katelynn Ansari

11:00 PM

Haku Kaze

12:00 PM

Bianca Renee

02:00 PM


03:00 PM

Alexandria Dorame

04:00 PM

Ashley Bird

05:00 PM

Channon Rose

06:00 PM

Anne Pretty

Sunday | January 14

12:00 PM

Alineh Unicorn

01:00 PM

Amber Arden

02:00 PM

Katie Rose

03:00 PM

Bria Miller

04:00 PM

Dayna Coogan

Panel Schedule

Main Stage Panel on Saturday

Hosted by Megs Cahill

11:00 AM - How to Build Your Influence and Monetize It
The business of influence will become a billion dollar industry in 2018. Learn from your favorite influencers how to build an engaged following so that you can collaborate with your favorite brands and make a living doing it!
Panelists: Katelynn Ansari, Candy Washington, Solange Astudillo, Jessica MacCleary, Lauren Francesca

1:00 PM - Must Have Beauty Products
Get the latest and greatest on the top beauty products that your favorite influencers can't live with out. They will be sharing all their ultimate beauty secrets with you!
Host: Katelynn Ansari | Panelists: SF Princess, Solange Nicole, brittney gonzalez, Megs Cahill

3:00 PM - Boys Can Do Makeup Too
We love that boys love makeup too! Our favorite influencers will share on the best beauty products and tips and tricks that work for them.
Panelists: Zachary Hill, Daniel Smith, Nick Metos, Reynaldo Gongora, Yire Castillo

5:00 PM - How to Collaborate with Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Brands
How do your favorite influencers work with their favorite brands? Learn how to outreach to your favorite brands and create your dream collaborations!
Panelists: La Demi, Sara Mills, Mina Doll, Michelle Dee, Autumn Skibinski, Anne Prettyness, Bambi Boucher

Influencers & Guests

Sadia Slayy

Aidette Casino

Channon Rose

Sara Mills

Alexandria Dorame

Ruzanna Vartikyan


Kelly Eden

Yire Castillo

Jessica Lesaca

Nicole Anderson

Chanel Brown

Laura Lux


Brandi Marie King

Tiffany Del Real

Emily Mei

Vivid Vivka

Emily Sears

Jessica Maid of Might

Kai Frias



Richard Arthur

Kiana Marie

Daniel Smith

Hanna Beth

Lauren Beckman

Lauren Francesca


Kitty Katrina

Solange Nicole

Asifa Mirza

Elizabeth Rage

Amber Arden

Jessica Cribbon


Mina Doll


Amber Guzman

Lina Bugz

Jennifer Ward

Alineh Avanessian

Samantha De Galicia

Vanessa Morales

La Demi Lavigne

Kirsten Kaye

Devin Jones

Caitlin Marks

Katie Rose

Jake Dupress

Stephanie Michelle

Serena Oberg

Sarah Sterling

Michelle Dee

Amy Roiland

Reagan Kathryn

Manon Edwards

Liv Jaeger

Bambi Boucher

Stephanie Fernandez

Katelynn Ansari

Laney Chantal

Essy Noir

Emelina Adams

Laura Krystine

Victoria Nguyen


Brittania Glam


Zachary Edward

Chloe Kerley

Nick Metos

Monica Ricketts

Autumn Skibinski

Victoria Loi

Candy Washington

Marisela Montecristo

Casandra Ashe

Christine Chen

Jennifer Broders

Bianca Renee

Hope Vu

Lizz Kim

Anya Benton

Ali Levine

Jane Sin

Kevin Rupard

Aimee De La Torre

Simeon Panda

Dani Augusts

Aura Lune


Michelle D'Antonio

Jessica MacCleary

Katrina Fox

Fernanda Machado

Tara Misioux

Chris Han

Chiffon Fleur

Kiki Wongo

Dayna Sauble

Ashley Bird

Megs Cahill

Michelle Luu

Marie Sturges

Regina Francia

Rey Gongora


Katie Babydoll

Jasper Polish

Tiffany Bond

Sean Chong-Umeda

Tea Wagner

Xareli Divine

Spankie Valentine

Emily Tangerine

Sheila Harris

Bria Miller

Aiko Cunanan

Ashley Peaches

Michaela Mendez

Amanda Cooke

Janna Rae

Bruce Leandro

Maryam Remias

Tara Cosplay

General Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about your visit to Blushcon.

BLUSHCON is a 2 day event held on
- Saturday, January 13th 2018
- Sunday, January 14th 2018
Saturday, January 13th 2018 is from 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday, January 14th 2018 is from 10 AM to 7 PM
You can purchase your tickets at
We can scan your ticket from your smart phone. However, we recommend that you print them from home for faster entry!
$15.00 for a 2 days pass
$ 9.00 for a 1 day pass
Buy tickets here.
If the show has not sold out, you may purchase tickets at the box office; however, we do encourage patrons to purchase their tickets in advance if they are concerned the show may sell out.
If you purchased Blushcon ticket, you will get FREE access to Asian American Expo and ANIME Impulse! If you purchased Asian American Expo of ANIME Impulse ticket, you will also have FREE access to Blushcon as well!
Unfortunately, tickets are transferable but NONREFUNDABLE.
If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk mail and spam folders.
Parking is available at Blue Lot (Gate 9).
Please note FAIRPLEX charges $13 for parking.
(Parking fees are unaffiliated with Blushcon)

Accepted Payment Methods:
Cash only (bills up to $20 accepted)

Fairplex Blue Parking Lot (Gate 9)
2118 N. White Avenue
Pomona, California 91768

The parking lot opens at 9:00am each morning.
Rates, parking availability and prices are subject to change.
Items not allowed in the park include radios, cassette recorders, sleeping bags, luggage, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and coolers. Wagons used as strollers and coolers containing baby food are allowed. Additionally, no outside food items will be allowed to be brought inside the event. Please note that all backpacks, purses and bags will be inspected upon entrance at the entrance. Small insulated coolers, no larger than 1’x1’x1’, filled only with water are allowed.
Convenient exit and re-entry is available throughout the day of your visit by the hand-stamp provided upon exit of the event.
Animals are not allowed inside the event with the exception of service animals. Also pre-registered & confirmed guest animals will be allowed.
Blushcon offers credentialed, published industry professionals, and those in the related industries of cosmetics, beauty, lifestyle and fashion, complimentary admission to the event. We welcome Professionals who register after the deadline, but please note we will charge a $10 fee. Once you’ve registered online, please remember to bring samples of your work and/or a business card to the show. We do not offer a guest option – Press or Guest are for professionals only.
Industry Registration
Wifi will be available for purchase directly from Pomona Fairplex. Unfortunately free wifi is not available.
There will be many ATM machines through out Blushcon, ANIME Impulse and Asian American Expo.
Lost and Found will be located at the Info Booth.